Pro Touch Painting



Monday, December 19, 2016


Pro Touch Painting take great pride in how we do painting. We always aim to meet or exceed our customers expectations. Customers can expect us to do the following:
  • Setup and secure safety boundaries.
  • Protect floor and furniture from damage or exposure to paint.
  • Prepare trims and surfaces by sanding, filling and smoothing before painting.
  • Use high quality paint and sealant for each project.
  • Apply adequate coating to surfaces.
  • Clean up work area and replace furniture after each job.
  • Conduct a job inspection before invoice.
Exterior projects get the same careful attention as indoor projects. We ensure that all surfaces are treated and finished to the optimum level before we begin to apply paint. Pro Touch Painting is the best choice for all your out-door painting projects. Customers can expect us to deliver on what we promise at all times .We promise to:-
  • Meet or exceed your specific painting needs,
  • Finish on time and on budget,
  • Use most appropriate paint and material for the job,
  • Prevent damage or soil to your furniture floor and other surfaces
  • Clean up after every job,
  • Leave you completely satisfied with our work.
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Pro Touch Painting